First Open Source Offering: XML to CSV Spreadsheet Converter

I’m offering my first free open source program; it's under the GPL license.

This program uses an Microsoft Excel VBA macro to convert XML-based Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) into a stripped down Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. The CSV contains all the relevant data without formatting instructions, which is literally the most efficient way to distribute raw data. The CSV can then be consumed and formatted by spreadsheet templates or other programs.

I am looking for help porting the application to OpenOffice or other suitable FOSS applications.
The Excel macro opens CCD XML file as a form is a spreadsheet, based on formatting instructions from its corresponding XSL file. The macro then strips out the blank rows and table of contents, and then saves the raw data and labels in a CSV file. Although designed to for a particular CCD format, the macro can be modified to work with any XML/XSL file, and is not limited to CCDs.

You may download a free copy of the file from SourceForge at


dr.addn said...

. thanks for helping openware,
I listened to you on's
health 2.0 group;
I'm sorry some of the foss folks were
not sympathetic to your views on patents;
I've heard Richard Stallman be
reasonable about patents,
explaining that the real problem with them
is an underfunded patent system
that doesn't bother to sort out
what's a complex of prior art works
from what is truly worthy of a patent .
. work that took so long to develope
surely would be more worthwhile to simply license
rather than trying to reinvent it!
. good patents, licensed fairly, could increase
the nation's productivity dramatically .
-- Ph.T
Americium Dream Documents
"(real opportunity starts with real documentation)

Steve Beller, PhD said...

Your voice of ojectivity is greatly is greatly appreciated!

My problem is with those who (regardless of the reason) turn the valid a business case of open source into a "fanatical close-minded religion" whose fall-out can stiffle radical/disruptive innovation.


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